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Crying Panther Tattoo Parlour was founded in 2020 in Cologne, Germany. The shop and its experienced tattooers are driven to make clean and solid tattoos that last. 

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Crying Panther Tattoo Parlour Team
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Tattooer / Owner

Frankie is the owner of Crying Panther Tattoo Parlour along with his wife Tatum. With over 10 years in tattooing,  he brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience, specializing in various styles - traditional, fineline, lettering, mandalas and black & grey. 

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Frankie grew up in Bonn and spent 7 years tattooing at Cologne’s premium tattoo shops before opening CPTP. His main focus is making clean & presentable tattoos.

Crying Panther - Frankie
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Owner / Shop management / Apprentice

Hailing from South Africa, Tatum has spent the last 8 years making Cologne her home. She has an eye for detail and an intense drive to make rad things.

Tatum is co-owner of CPTP with husband Frankie and also apprenticing at the shop. Check out her insta below. 

Crying Panther - Tatum
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Alex is a Cologne based illustrator and graphic designer. Drawing has been a passion of hers since early childhood and tattoo art is simply a logical next step for her. She is fascinated with dark art, pop culture as well as Northern and Eastern European mythology, which combined serve as an inspiration for many of her illustrations. Most of them involve a natural element, often playing with the natural balance of life and death – her artist name Skullcult alludes to just that.

Crying Panther - Alex
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Being the worlds youngest boomer, Matti brings a variation of skills to the table. 20 years experience in playing Magic the gathering, skateboarding, an unlimited supply of dad jokes and an academic grade in geography and philosophy, make him the perfect conversation partner.

Also he does some tattooing. If you wanna talk cheese, cats, scifi movies or random nerd shit, there you go!

Crying Panther - Alex